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Bishop Bryan Allen is an ambassador of the faith, a keeper of the flame, a transformational leader with an Apostolic mantle, and a prophetic anointing to guide and govern the Lord’s church. With his classical Pentecostal-Apostolic roots and charge to lead in the modern era of the church, he is a bridge-builder with trans-generational influence and 21st Century relevance. 

Reminiscent of the great prophet, Samuel, who was raised in the temple, Bishop Allen’s life was dedicated and consecrated to the service of the Lord from his youth. As the son of the late Apostle Samuel Allen, he was born into a rich legacy of ministry and bred on the Holy Scriptures and in the admonition of Jesus Christ.  Bishop Allen’s ministry experience spans several decades. Being fully immersed in the full scope of Ecclesiastical Affairs, he possesses high levels of competency in all areas of ministry operations. 

In 1995, after acknowledging his call to preach the Gospel, he delivered his official inaugural sermon.  He was later ordained as an Elder by Apostle Lymus Johnson in 1999, appointed as the assistant pastor to his father, Apostle Allen Sr. in 2001. In 2005, he received his father's mantle and, with honor, became the Senior Pastor of Greater Bibleway Apostolic Temple.

As a submitted vessel, God has granted Bishop Allen national and international influence.  As a transformational leader, he has held several executive-level positions within prominent organizations, including The Bible Way Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ Inc.  Under the Apostolic Mantle of Chief Apostle Huie L. Rogers, Bishop Allen was consecrated to the Bishopric as a Prince in the Lord’s church— faithfully discharging both administrative and episcopal duties for the national body. As a Kingdom Ambassador, he has ministered abroad in several places, including Jamaica, West Indies, Ghana, West Africa, London, England, Paris, France, and parts of the Caribbean. He has had the honor to host a theological scholars retreat in Jerusalem.

Bishop Allen’s longevity in ministry and track record of success makes him a well of wisdom from which his spiritual sons, daughters, and other pastors and leaders draw to receive mentorship, guidance, and spiritual fathering. 

While Bishop Allen has been to the school of the Spirit, he has also achieved notable academic and professional success. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from The School of Ministerial Studies. He was later recognized by St. Thomas Christian College and awarded an Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree. He employs his gifts in leadership and organizational management in the secular arena as a logistics and supply chain management specialist for the rail industry.

Bishop Allen accredits all his success to the grace of God and the love of his childhood sweetheart and beautiful wife of 30 years, Lady Kenda Allen.  Together, they lead and serve as parents and leaders. They find particular joy in hosting marriage retreats for both singles and married couples— with more than 30 years of success in marriage and family, Bishop and Lady Allen are profound examples of God’s intention for man and wife.  They are the loving and proud parents of three beautiful children, Elder Steffan Michael, Stefanie Michelle, and Christian Simone. They assert that the health and well-being of the family determine the well-being of the church.


Bishop Bryan Allen is a blessing, a transformational leader, and an extraordinary gift to the body of Christ, who takes pleasure in serving God’s people with love, compassion, and integrity.

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