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Greater Bibleway Apostolic Temple was organized June 3, 1962 by our founder, Apostle Dr. Samuel Allen Sr.! After seeing a need to continue in the same theological climate as the Apostles, Dr. Allen conducted his first service in a burned-out four room house located at 715 Woodruff Avenue in Joliet, with his wife, Mother Otha Allen and their four children.

Apostle Allen was determined to build a work for the Lord, that in approximately a week, Sister Annie Lee and her two young daughters - Mary and Sherry, became the first to unite with the newly organized church. One week after, Sister Cora Shelby and her children joined!

Services later were held at a store front, located at 212 Chicago Street. Due to financial difficulties, the church was forced to move. Elder and Mrs. George Fogle allowed Apostle Allen to host services in their garage. The church remained there until finances could be raised to erect a new building.

In 1965 the first church was built at 1528 Woodruff Road and grew so much that a larger building was needed. In 1970 a sanctuary was built and the old sanctuary was used for Sunday School rooms. In 1976, God revealed to Apostle Allen that “77” was the year for double blessings, sweeping victory, and that the church would move to a larger edifice.

On December 31, 1977 we moved into our present assembly, on Brown and Leach Avenue. It has been 59 years and Greater Bibleway is still singing songs of praise as never before, the preachers are still preaching - “One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism”, and the saints are still marching to victory!

Under the very capable leadership of Apostle Allen, over 1,200 souls have been baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ. For 20 years Greater Bibleway had been propagating the Gospel of Jesus Christ by means of radio. Each Sunday at 11 AM over the radio station WYKT 105.5 on your FM dial, you could hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ being preached. God has done great things for us, and if He never does anything else, we have this testimony that, “He’s already done what He said He would do.” As we strive to reach higher heights in God, we can’t forget the theme here at Greater Bibleway which says,

“…If it had not been the Lord who was on our side…”

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