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Mrs. Kenda Allen is the First Lady of Greater Bible Way Apostolic Temple and Founder and CEO of Invest In Me, Incorporated. She serves as an advocating voice and example for women by helping them live their best lives through a faith-based lifestyle, education and edification, travel, and most of all loving the life you live!

Mrs. Allen is changing the way women perceive their own challenges and issues that often hinder them from living a fulfilled life. As a mogul for women, she has empowered women to feel confident with their person stories by equipping them with the tools to be the best version of themselves.

Through positive mentorship, youth educational investments, and community partnerships - she is shifting women’s focus from the uncontrollable world around them to discovering their strength and self-esteem.

As a former business owner that supports marginalized women all over the country, through her dedication and leadership, she’s served nearly 500 women by equipping them with life, business, and vocational skills. Her impact continues to increase as she hosts her National Annual Conference “XO, Me”: Empowering Women to Love Themselves, where she uses her platform to reach women all over the world!

Mrs. Allen continues to be a leader and coach for women whose husbands are in ministry, young women who aspire marriage, and teens on their importance to society and the kingdom of God.

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