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Pastor Steffan Michael Allen (PSA)

Pastor Steffan Michael Allen, affectionately known as PSA, is a dynamic third-generation Apostolic pastor. He has taken on the noble responsibility of shepherding the church founded by his grandfather and led by his father for 18 fruitful years.
Equipped with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and a Master's Degree from Northern Seminary, Pastor Allen brings a unique blend of faith and intellectual rigor to his ministry

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About Pastor Steffan Michael Allen (PSA)

Ministry Journey
Pastor Steffan Allen has served in almost every aspect of church ministry, demonstrating his unwavering dedication to the Kingdom of God. He began his journey by utilizing his musical talents, playing the drums and contributing to the music ministry.
Driven by a hunger for knowledge and a desire to teach, Pastor Allen also engaged in Christian Education, imparting spiritual wisdom and fostering growth within the congregation. His strong leadership skills were evident as he actively participated in church building projects, guiding the expansion and development of the church community.

A Life of Love and Partnership
In 2022, Pastor Allen joyfully entered a new chapter of his life as he married Vivica Cantrell, a remarkable woman who shares his passion for ministry. Together, Pastor Allen and Lady Vivica strive to infuse a sense of fun, inspiration, and love into the journey of salvation, creating an uplifting and inclusive environment for all.
At our church to experience the transformative teachings of Pastor Steffan Michael Allen. Together, we can build a strong foundation of faith and make a lasting impact in our community.


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