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Royalty is the beloved daughter of Christiana Allen, born September 6, 2016, a Toy Poodle with the personality of a human adult! She’s been loved by her mom since she was 6 weeks old. Royalty was a blessing in disguise. She had 7 brothers and sisters her previous family didn’t want her because she was the youngest and smallest. She brings everyone so much love and happiness and we thank God everyday for bringing her into our lives. She enjoys dancing, kissing, napping in front of her fire place, begging for food and playing with her pink piggy! Her favorite foods are chicken and cheese. She is an absolute diva just like her mommy and enjoys getting cranberry facials, getting her nails painted, and getting her hair done with matching bows. This little girl loves to get on an airplane and travel to any and everywhere. Royalty has turned the Allen house upside down with her cuteness and energy and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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