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Stefanie Allen serves as the Choir President and has done an outstanding job of leading the music department, Children’s Choir, and Sanctuary Choir to it’s fullest potential! Stefanie is a graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago with her B.A. in Fashion Design.

At 22 years old, Stefanie launched her own fashion design business, "Stefanie Michelle Designs" where she creates custom fashions for children, women, and men alike! She also designs the choir uniforms and robes. In 2020, she launched her upscale men's clothing line, Elevyn11.

Stefanie has led the choir to sing in many prominent venues and spaces, and has incorporated a unique approach to interactive singing and worship service.

She is currently a Bridal Designer by trade and plays a very instrumental role in orchestrating the mood of worship where the music touches people's souls and moves people to glorify God! 

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